This sections covers the following product areas:

Coaxial og radierende kabler til DAS, WIFI / 3G/LTE, RADAR, RF/HF

  • Coaxial cables
  • Coax connectors
  • Radiating cables
  • Radiaflex connectors
  • Eliptical waveguides and connectors
  • Hybrid cables for RRU
  • Antennas, indoor-outdoow
  • Tools for coaxial, radiating ad eliptical cables

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I forbindelse med alle installationer, er godt håndværk og de bedste produkter afgørende for et godt slutprodukt. RFS Worldcom har, med Deres mange årige erfaring, netop grundlaget for at sikrer at vores kunder får de bedste produkter til den rigtige pris. 6X Intl. og RFS Worldcom er altid parat til at sparre med jer omkring jeres opgaver.


At 6X International we put great emphasis on the price/quality and we always strive to ensure our customers the best possible solutions to meet their needs and requirements.


6X International stocks a large selection of various types of cable, connectors, jumpers and accessories for day to day delivery.